Get Paid To Read Email

These are the best Get Paid to Read Email programs. Back in 2005, anyway.

If you want to do things the most efficient way, ask someone lazy, but willing to use their brain. Maximum results for your effort from these programs. Check your inbox for emails, or login and do Paid to Clicks to earn faster.

Now that I'm not doing them anymore, it's interesting to see how the top sites have changed since 2005.

Neonlights Advertising - replaced by a typical ad site.

Electric Blue Clicks - the site is still there, but full of php errors, and with a warning message - site suspended.

He Says She Says - good grief, this site still exists. And it still looks the same. Unheard of!

GainPay - another that still exists for more than a few years. The home page even says that it has paid people recently. Although if you look closely, you'll see that they've all been members for years. Maybe that's how long it takes. And the high-earners table peaked in 2005. interesting.

Get Paid Mail - another one that's still there. It had a nice banner, but the rest of the site is still looking very 2005ish.

PolarPTR - wow, it's still using the same banner heading. Looks solid, actually, being proud enough to display the payment queue, which looks quite recent. But those amounts are sooo small - it makes you wonder about the industry.

Sterling-Rewards had disappeared.

But Cash Delight is celebrating its 6th birthday. Congratulations!

There were lots more I was a member of, but they didn't make the cut back then. Some even still send me emails, even though I've tried to unsubscribe. The list is slowly shrinking....

I even had a blog about these programs. It still exists, but it hasn't been updated since 2006. Blogger still hasn't deleted it though - it must have had some value.

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