Get Paid To Advertise

Get Paid to Advertise while you are promoting your favourite programs. Here are some of the things I used to do......

You could get paid for displaying banners on your own site - mere banner impressions, regardless of whether your visitors click on the banners. Typically you were paid at a rate per 1000 banner impressions.

You could also get paid to promote a particular promote-page, as sites such as ShareAdSpace. These sites rewarded you for getting the promote-page seen by others, and they often contain more than one ad. Check each site carefully to see where you can validly promote your page.

Paid To Promote

NUMBER 1: SHAREADSPACE (see Paid To Surf page)

When I was last active in the get paid to advertise world, this was one of the best programs around. It had a webmaster who could see what was happening to the industry, and he adjusted and extended his site to cater for it. It's still active today. If you want to look at a good program, look at this one. Get Paid to surf - ShareAdspace
Brilliantly conceived, takes a proportion of your manual surfing to force you to advertise to others while you get paid for surfing theirs. Or at least that's how it worked a few years ago.

Paid To Display Banner Impressions

In 2004, this included compactbanner and bannerboxes. They don't exist anymore. Typical of the industry.

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